The social network of economists

Recently I fell in love with social network... Therefore, it is unavoidable to add some social network analysis results into my graduation thesis. Here are some interesting graphs used in my paper, which I would like to share with you online. They are all about "the social network of economists", i.e. the academic circle of economics.


Full view of the economists' world, without labels.

The bigger size of nodes denotes the higher level of connections with others (degree/pagerank). (2000-present). An expandable vector diagram can be download here:  all_10_nolabel.pdf

Full view of economists' world, with grey edges (2000-present)


The structure (reduced) of economists' social network, with labels of names (2000-present).

An expandable vector diagram can be download here: all_10_main_all_label.pdf

[Update July]

Here is a specific analysis of the "Law and Economics" sub-field. Data source is from all published papers (6,319 in total) under JEL classification K: Law and Economics. Available at

law and economics

Here is the PDF version: academic circle of law and economics.pdf

You can find more graphs by continuing reading.


Social network of econometricians, full view


Social network of theoretical economists, full view.

An expandable vector diagram can be download here: jpe_all.pdf

Social network of theoretical economists, reduced structure.

An expandable vector diagram can be download here: jpe_main.pdf

Social network of econometricians, reduced structure with labels.

An expandable vector diagram can be download here: em_main.pdf

Social network of all economists, from 2005 to present, with grey edges.

Graphs produced by Gephi.

Note: I'm sorry that there are still some technical problems in my graphs.

The most important points are the order and abbreviation of names, like Peter C.B. Phillips and Phillips, Peter C.B. I haven't got a good idea how to deal with this...Google Scholar considers "Coo Boo" as "C Boo", so all person with same family name and the first letter of given name may regarded as one person. RePEc uses the similar way but they let the authors themselves to identify which are actually their works. I will refine these problems as soon as I got a good idea.

More graphs can be found here in my Flickr:

If you are looking for more detailed analysis (results with longer/specific time range, or considering other journals, etc.), please email me:

For the economists' circle in China (data from Chinese economic journals), please visit my friend taiyun's blog:

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