Keep off laptop [3rd week, Nov]

I don’t know exactly why, but I really feel tired when sitting in front of my laptop. I hate reading unlimited news in google reader, and I am also weary of replying emails… I should admit that the length of my reply is going to be shorter and shorter.

This week I only need to concentrate on my paper and its feedback, except for taking classes every day, mainly from the morning to the night. The weather becomes colder and colder, skipping the beauty of the fall and going directly to the winter. White snow covers almost every part of the ground, and causes some trees to bow down. Seeing the news on the television, no special feelings touch my heart.

Translating my transcript, writing a personal statement and even dealing with some stuffs are the primary tasks for me, although I still watched some dramas during spare time.

Money in, and money out. Time flows but never back. Less than 2 hours per day on average with my laptop, what can I do?

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