back to the earth[3rd week, Oct]

I just come back to the earth from a week’s escaping. Sorry for leaving without a notice.

Well, just now when I open my Gmail, I found it impossible to read every mail carefully. I’m sorry if I ignored your email, and if it was really important, please send it to me again! I promise that this time I won’t miss anyone.

Meanwhile, Gmail tells me that “You are currently using 5886 MB (79%) of your 7383 MB“. I don’t know how and why… So shall I delete some “big” ones?

However, next week I will still be pretty busy, and although I WILL NOT disappear again, finding me without an email may be a hard thing. Writing my paper, preparing for the class… shall I apply for the lectures about latex in the following month? I’m not sure whether I have enough time to get well prepared for them. Too many stuffs to be done, an incontrovertibly busy week.

Well I should admit that I’d like to communicate with others in English rather than Chinese, even in the campus. So please forgive me if I write too much in English or if I reply you in English. You can tell me about your difficulties if you wish.

Finally, I should say that the feeling of being back to earth is really good!

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